Software-Defined Success

IT is now a key player in business strategy. Data analytics backed by storage innovation are opening up new ways to compete and grow.

But how do you manage data volumes that are growing at over 50% per year? Complexity and cost are escalating. The traditional SAN and NAS needs help.

Success is in Software-Defined Storage: a cost-effective way to reduce complexity and shift the IT focus from managing the infrastructure to enabling true business innovation.

Get ahead of the competition and learn how SDS is enabling business agility. 

Watch a Demo Video and See SDS 2.0 in Action


In today’s economic climate, balancing budget and storage needs can be tricky. These articles and blogs show how software-defined storage helps organizations reach their goals.

Survey Reveals Dark Times for Growing Your IT Infrastructure

Has your IT budget flat-lined? Finding it hard to pull together the needed funding to perform upgrades to an aging infrastructure?

Discovered that there’s less in the till to spend on hardware, software, services, […].

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Why Storage Efficiency Matters

As any storage admin knows, data growth is outstripping storage budget growth by over 10x.

We constantly require more capacity, incur more complexity, and find it harder to maintain performance and service levels. […]

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Reduce the Consumption of CapEx and OpEx so You Don’t End Up with Excessive CrapEx

Many IT vendors tout their low TCO (total cost of ownership) usually explained as CapEx plus OpEx.

While these are important numbers to consider when evaluating new products, there is one other number that may be more critical: CrapEx.

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Download the Report The Software-Defined Data Center of Tomorrow Starts Today and Learn More!

In this paper, you will learn about the software-defined data center – with a focus on storage.

You will discover the key challenges that are giving rise to software-defined storage.

Finally, you will also learn about how software-defined resources operate and why this seemingly overhyped technology is just now becoming a major force for data centers that are ready to meet the business needs of today and tomorrow.

Learn More about Vicinity

ioFABRIC Vicinity is the next generation of software-defined storage.

Its QoS-driven storage automation comes in three distinct solutions, each tailored to a specific use case.

A simple, cost-effective, drop-in-place solution that guarantees data protection and data availability for your business.

Intelligent software that transforms commodity hardware into a distributed, enterprise-class storage platform

Cloud-like economics across all your storage. No downtime. No delays. No manual provisioning or data migration.

Next – find out why ioFABRIC Vicinity is the best

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