ioFABRIC Vicinity: The Only Cost Optimization for Storage

We’ve architected our ioFABRIC Vicinity system to deliver data SLAs to applications across all of the most important elements of your data storage: performance, capacity and protection.

These are the areas where automation, artificial intelligence, and our data fabric can help businesses most.

But we’ve gone a step further and built cost optimization into the system – a feature that you’ll be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

What exactly is cost optimization?

Simply put, our cost optimization feature automatically uses the least cost media while maintaining all requested storage SLAs.

This means that Vicinity is doing double-duty to optimize your system: it automatically ensures that performance, capacity and protection levels are met using the right storage resources, but it also delivers what you ask for using the least cost storage resources available.

How does cost optimization work?

The initial release takes a fully automated approach, reducing costs without any additional work from you.

Vicinity profiles your environment, and assumes that the lower the latency of the media, the higher the cost. It then automatically uses the least-cost media possible while still maintaining the requested SLAs.

Get even more precise for your individual needs

As we continue to build out this ability, you will be able to get more precise with our cost optimization.

You’ll have the ability to set costs at the level of media type (i.e. the general costs of flash, cloud, SAN, hard drive, etc.), or more granularly, setting the cost per individual storage media or system.

This flexibility means that you can optimize costs of your media at whichever level makes the most sense to your team and your business objectives.

Make better business decisions based on cost

You’ll also be able to report on the storage costs per application job, enabling you to make better business decisions.

This would enable better app, storage, and usage decisions, and ultimately help businesses become more successful in the long term. This analytics job is taking a ton of my most expensive storage resources but I rarely use the results? I see a decision looming…

Try it yourself

Cost optimization is a feature unique to Vicinity, and it holds a lot of value for our customers. As it is deployed automatically, your admin doesn’t have to lift a finger to reap the benefits of cost optimized storage. This saves you time and effort, while ensuring that your storage media is being used to the best of its ability – and the lowest cost to you.

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