The Data Fabric that Guarantees Business Continuity

There is huge spectre haunting the IT community: the fear of downtime. And this fear is not unfounded, since just a few minutes of downtime can cause significant losses – in the thousands of dollars for many businesses.

It’s time that the conversation moved from fear and worries to solutions. We need an approach to data storage that focuses not just on data backups, which might hold the fear at bay for a short while, but on true business continuity. This shift in perspective will banish the fear for good.

No more downtime. Ever.

Traditional concepts like backups, RPOs/RTOs and talking high availability in terms of “nines” are simply not enough for today’s business environment. They don’t go far enough in ensuring your data is always available.

Downtime and recovery due to failures should be a thing of the past. If a single storage system, like a SAN or NAS, fails, your data should still be available. Even if your entire data center fails, your data should still be available. This might sound like a too-good-to-be-true scenario, but it’s something we firmly believe can be made a reality for every business.

The damage of downtime

So why should you strive to avoid downtime and leverage a system that provides you with true business continuity? Here are just some of the most compelling reasons:

  • Downtime costs money
    • Since 2013, maximum downtime costs have risen 32 percent, and are now a staggering $2,409,991.
    • The average cost of a data center outage is $740,357.
  • Customers expect 24/7 uptime
    • Your reputation can be irreversibly damaged if your data is inaccessible by your customers or partners.
  • You must comply with regulations and data governance
    • Many industries require sensitive data to be securely stored and available. Data governance is a huge issue for businesses of all types and sizes.
How Vicinity’s Data Fabric provides business continuity

Thankfully the scary spectre of downtime does have a solution: ioFABRIC Vicinity.

Vicinity creates a data fabric over your entire system that provides business continuity in the face of any disaster you can throw at it – no interruptions, losses, or downtime whatsoever.

This data fabric works by replicating data locally, as well as across sites and clouds, so that you never have to worry about downtime.

Local replication means that if a device or storage system fails, your data will be served from the replicas with no downtime. For further protection, Vicinity also heals around failure by using additional storage resources to re-replicate the data, protecting the entire system from being affected by any one instance of disaster.

Cross-site and cloud replication means that even if an entire data center goes down, that data will be available at other sites and/or cloud(s).

All of this happens behind the scenes, using smart AI to protect your data. Your users will never experience a disruption regardless of the severity of disaster.

Vicinity allows you to work quickly to solve the root of the problem, without the pressure of downtime looming over your shoulder. By eliminating the fear and risk of backups and restores, Vicinity saves you lost time and money, and allows your business to operate without any interruptions, ever.

Think it’s too good to be true? Schedule a demo or get a pilot to experience ioFABRIC for yourself.

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