SAN Extender Appliance

Get Storage under Control!

Deliver seamless storage management into the able hands of any IT admin

SAN Extender Appliance

Front-end your system with the SAN Extender Appliance for an immediate performance improvement while eliminating ongoing manual storage management




2 TB Flash


4 x 1G ports
2 x 10G ports


Dual Power Supply

Extend the Life of Your Existing Storage

An inexpensive, risk free way to get more value out of existing storage investments. Vicinity extends your SAN by seamlessly coupling it with newer storage technologies, building on what you already have without a costly and time-consuming rip and replace project. Introduce new storage technology at your pace, and gain control over the hardware refresh cycle.


Add Performance and Capacity within Budget

Running out of capacity on your SAN? Users complaining about performance? Don’t spend the money or time deploying another SAN – with Vicinity, buy only what you need when you need it, and gain CAPEX control. Get more performance, more capacity, and access to newer storage technologies simply and within your existing budget.


Integrate Flash or Cloud Easily and Effectively

Seamlessly unify newer storage technologies with your existing SAN. Front-end your existing storage with flash-based resources anywhere in your environment to increase overall performance. Utilize inexpensive hard drives or overflow to the cloud for elastic, extended capacity. Vicinity puts storage growth under your control: flash-optimized and cloud-connected.


Deploy Turnkey Value without Risk

Add performance or capacity with no downtime, no delays, no manual storage provisioning, or risky data migration. Your storage systems remain fully available to your applications while you extend your SAN. Vicinity is a seamless solution, providing value immediately and out-of-the-box.


Achieve Application-Level QoS

Without manual intervention, Vicinity monitors and moves performance-starved data to newer, faster storage and leverages older storage resources in less demanding roles. Vicinity maintains application Quality of Service levels based on performance, capacity, and data protection, adapting in real-time as demands and workloads change.

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