Transform your Storage

ioFABRIC Vicinity transforms your storage infrastructure, unifying existing systems and extending with new media to reach new levels of service. Find more life in existing storage; scale performance and capacity with no limits.

Unify diverse vendors storage under a single pane of glass. Vicinity responds to changing workloads and resource use. It’s policy-driven storage orchestration, deployed as distributed storage or hyperconverged.

Think Software-Defined Storage 2.0.

Transform your Business

ioFABRIC Vicinity delivers business value in cost optimization, linking storage to the rest of IT, freeing time to focus on true business innovation.
Drastically reduces your OPEX and CAPEX with intelligent automation, adding life to existing storage systems, and growing with commodity hardware and cloud.
ioFABRIC makes storage something you can simply depend on, eliminating admin demands, and freeing IT’s time to focus on true business innovation.
Forget about storage silos. ioFABRIC orchestrates data across your entire system - so you don’t have to. And manage it all through one easy interface.
Achieve zero storage downtime with the highest levels of data protection and availability. Ensure business continuity with instant recovery objectives.
We measure ourselves based on your success. We're an industry leader in customer service and product development: agile and responsive. Your input is our direction.
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